Health and safety

HIGH FIVE has always been in line with the people-oriented principle, in accordance with the relevant government and industry standards, to ensure the safety of the operating environment, pay attention to the health of employees, creating a safe and healthy working environment for every employee.



We carefully study the regulations and policies and norms of government and our own industry pollution; put into the sewage treatment center to ensure that the discharge meets the national standards, and actively promote technological improvement, promote clean production, to make contributions to the protection of the environment, and to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises.


Moral Rules

 We insist on being an honest enterprise with conscience, abide by the law, strictly abide by the moral law of honest management, sincerely treat all employees, customers and suppliers, and be responsible for all partners. The company continuously improves the welfare of all employees, pays taxes honestly according to the tax system and relevant policies, and establishes a active and positive corporate image and reputation in the industry.


HIGH FIVE values and cares for the growth and development of every employee, and pays attention to the training and cultivation of employees. The company implements humanized management, strives to create a good atmosphere of solidarity, friendship and positive progress, creates a platform for sustainable development, helps employees to constantly recognize and improve themselves, gives employees a sense of belonging, a sense of achievement, and helps every employee realize their own value.

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